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New Originals

This is my latest oil on canvas original. The overall image is 4-feet tall by 6-feet wide, which executes the marlin, tuna and lure their actual sizes. The marlin is a full-size 850-pound fish. The original is gallery wrapped over 1-by-4 inch lumber with sides that are painted a drab purple-brown which offers the illusion that the painting is floating off the wall.

Be Forbes Collection – Giclees are only offered on Canvas.

We sell no paper prints!

Every Gallery Wrap Giclee print from Be Forbes Collection is printed on canvas. Gallery Wraps feature 1.5-inch stretcher bars. Sides are printed with one solid color. Each is stapled on the back to ensure the construction of Gallery Wraps is fully discrete. Immediately, your art is perfect for display or ready for a trip to your favorite frame shop.

“Listen to several versions of Amazing Grace. If the singer delivers the perfect pitch and squarely presents every note, the song will produce an astonishing experience for the human soul.

That said, if the performer lives through the lyrics passionately, feeling every word of the song, then they can annihilate the foundation of the most wretched soul. Albeit subtle, there’s a difference.

It’s just like painting, except we use colors and brush strokes and not words and music.” – Be Forbes

Waterfowl Art. So amazing it'll move your soul.


My most cherished accomplishment is that I could hold an art showing with every painting I’ve ever done, in one venue, and no two paintings would look vaguely similar. That’s because my first rule is that each painting tells a different story.


My most cherished accomplishment is that I could hold an art showing with every painting I’ve ever done, in one venue, and no two paintings would look vaguely similar. That’s because my first rule is that each painting tells a different story.

“As someone who’s spent a career looking at wildlife through a camera lens, I try to capture animals in movement—sometimes capturing the animal at that perfect moment in time while everything else is chaotic. Be’s art is the apex of that split second in time.  His ability to showcase the beauty, chaos, dominance, colors and excitement of “that moment” is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Frankie Marion

Film Maker - Photographer, C1 Films

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Becoming an Artist

When I informed my father I had decided to become an artist, he shot back, “But son, you have never painted.” I replied, “So? I’ll just teach myself to paint.” Since that conversation, I’ve learned it’s not about how one learns to paint. It’s far more important what one learns to paint. Paint what you love. Paint your passion. When people ask how I taught myself to paint waterfowl scenes, I explain that’s simple—by shoving my duck rig across more ice than any other waterfowl artist.

“Be’s story is as incredible as his work is, an inspiration to me and many others. I hope for a blessing in all his future works, and love seeing all the fish sketches he’s done so far! May God bless his days ahead.”

Captain David Wright

Offshore Sportfish Captain, High Hopes Sportfishing

An amazing cup of morning coffee.

What a wonderful day to invade a historical location, Orton Plantation, to use my morning coffee for this painting.

Watch Be Forbes use his cup of morning coffee to develop this coffee-watercolor painting … from start to the signature … in a place with such beauty.

This is his art technique that, Be Forbes developed over his long carrier, proving that coffee is not only good but can also be amazing.

The story of my stroke.

At the age of 48 and at 5:15 in the morning, alone, Be Forbes suffered a massive stroke that completely paralyzed his painting side. The neurologist explained to Be that due to the stroke’s location in his brain and it’s predominate size, there was no hope of recovery.

This is my shocking and honest story of my stroke and my miraculous recovery that was God-given.

“As a sport fish captain, I was constantly screaming, “Left short rigger! He’s on the teaser! Get that flat line outta the water! Crank that 80 up! He’s still on the teaser. Get that 80 in there! Okay, wait for it. Hooked up! Blue marlin! Get those lines in!  I’m backin’ down! Crank! Crank! He’s comin’ up!”

Be Forbes captures those moments on canvas like no artist in the world of big game fishing. If you fish off shore, Be’s paintings become masterpieces. You know his scenes are authentic—days spent on the rip.

Be’s art could only be illustrated by someone who’s been there—in the cockpit, on the water, under the water, swimming right along side the fish. It’s why a Be Forbes painting is so vastly real to life. Getting up close and personal with his subjects, combined with his amazing God-given talents is why any Be Forbes original, simply put, is the best of the best.”

Captain Bill Dixon

Captain - Boat Broker, Pungo Prairie

Spanish Fly – 1996

This is one of the “Spanish Fly” shows I did with Jose’, in Iztapa, Guatemala. We fished together a bunch. It seems like I was always flying to Key West to fish with him, or he was flying to St. Pete to fish with me.

Sadly, Jose’ is no longer with us. He perished in his plane during an accident. God rest Jose’s soul in peace.

One stroke and a plane crash. Imagine trying to convince us of that, then.


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Today marks the final stage of my recovery. I have finally made it back home to the exact place I started before my stroke. Life has changed. The world has changed. In my world the only thing that hasn’t changed … is me. So, follow me for this wild ride.

This website is dedicated to God, and to all those who look to Him after a medical tragedy, and found the strength to start all over again from the beginning.

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