Custom Pillows From Be's Art!

Amazing pillows for ocean bearing boats, homes, and bungaloes!

Performance Gear

You gotta see our see our performance shirts to believe them.

Fine Art Gallery

Art you’ll instantly love.

Men's Patch Apparel

You pick the your favorite apparel. Then, you pick your favorite patch!

Woman's Patched Apparel

Comfortable. Cool. Sexy. Incredible. 

Aprons for All

‘Cause none look good wearing the ingredients.

Woman's Outerwear

Warm at whatever temperature!

It's how our patches were born.

One sketch at a time using outstanding art.

be AUTHENTIC™ Groundbreaking Patches.

After Be finished his charcoals or ink sketches, he had them faithfully executed to capture every scribble on 100% pre-shrunk Duck Cloth. Accomplishing the accuracy that our printer could execute demanded teamwork to accomplish.

 After nearly a year of searching, Be discovered the perfect bonding agent  that melds his patches onto fabrics. The patches had to endure a lifetime of washes and harsh dryer cycles. In other words, be AUTHENTIC™ patches are never coming off.

Customers’ Product Reviews!

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You receive a complimentary poster for every order of $60 or more.

Posters are 16 by 20 inches and hand-signed in gold-leaf by, BeForbes. 

When we receive your order of $60 or more, you’ll receive and email with a link to order your poster. This will not ask for your card. This transaction requires no purchase and is totally independent of your purchase.

About Be Forbes

The history of his art and more! Visit Now!

About Be Forbes

The history of Be's art and more! Visit!