After twenty-five years, Be Forbes returned to painting watercolors instead of exclusively opaque art. Only this time his watercolors were far different. It seemed like the perfect time for Be to readdress his childhood interest in making a new document look old and weathered. Be believed it was to be his new art technique.

And, it had an authentic feel.

During his adult career of hunting waterfowl, and traveling the world to chase big game sport fish, Be painted both experiences. 

Be used coffee to do this very thing. Coffee, just like you drink in the morning, straight out of the cup.

Be established incredible results using this very method.

He quickly learned this solution was incredible. But first, he had to satisfy the issue every artist deals with … battling the coffee’s acid, which destroys museum-grade art. He was off to the races.

This painting is a coffee original. So, welcome to Be Forbes’ Coffee Watercolors. Now might be the proper time to paint this legend, Phil Robertson, using Black Rifle Coffee.


A rather straight-forward conversation, Be Forbes talks about the reality of living through his stroke, recreating his art career, and protecting his Christian faith..

This video demonstrates Be’s use of coffee with paints to build a medium he developed his career. 


A timelapse video of Be Forbes sketching a Marlin, set to music at his desk, from start to finish.