The only thing I can figure is one of the dogs must have bragged to this gecko about hanging out in the studio with me and watching the painting extravaganza. Because this little guy appeared from nowhere. That is to say, I never noticed him/her until I was going to turn the painting upside-down for some reverse brushstrokes. That’s when I looked at the top of the board and noticed him/her just resting there.

I say him/her because when it comes to geckos, the gender identification thingy gets a little blurred.

Now, all of this was fine by me since today I’m doing water and he/she was grabbing the sky. And, the water is pretty far away … in a gecko’s world. The little guy/gal looked so comfortable hanging out that I couldn’t inconvenience him/her. Now, could I?

Notice the eye. He/she was looking down at me painting the entire time before standing up as if to say, “Pfffffffft. I’m sorta over this.” Then. the gecko just got up and walked away.

He/she did pause on the floor to look over his/her shoulder at me. I swear he/she winked. Who knows when only one eye can be seen?

I’m telling you, it’s the little things.