It’s Christmas Eve and I’m in the studio! Which is makes me very happy considering there was a time when I couldn’t tie my friggin’ shoes! Or, walk. (So, I’m sorta celebrating and rejoicing His birth).

I apologize about the lighting in these photos. I know it’s hard for you to distinguish what’s reflected light from my studio lighting … and what I’ve painted into the sky.

The only way to convey the reality is multiple photos. That way, you can determine which light is painted into the water and sky, by seeing the reflected light move around. That would be from my lamps and not the art. This is easily resolved by using a mat varnish that’s not nearly as reflective. (I forgot to NOT buy the gloss varnish for these very reasons. … but it’s been awhile. I will today.)

You know when you eat a sandwich by starting on the corners … and there’s that big hunk of sandwich in the middle sitting there sorta saying, “Hello” … into which you can gobble? That’s the man, the boat, and the dog. I can’t wait. But first, we have to finish the water and the sky. Then … we can chow down on the thick part of the sandwich. That’s the part that’s going to add dimension and depth. And, I can’t wait.

So today is all about supporting the subject by building the perfect stage, e.g., the glisten in the water and finishing the sky with a few veils that will explode the light on the horizon. It’s vital for the promotion of the subjects … the man … the boat … the dog … the audience’s experience.

Trust me, I’m a professional-grade dog-n-pony show.