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Be Forbes Collection believes we offer the most unique and beautiful sport fish-related throw pillows available anywhere in the world. We’ve kept our selections to two fabrics so our printing is colorfast and perfectly standard with every pillow. Whether the outdoor microfiber or the indoor burlap, our pillows are comfortable to the face and hand and more beautiful to the eye.

Our designs and printing are what truly identifies a Be Forbes Collection throw pillow. First, we start with world-class sport fishing art by Be Forbes. And, that’s just the beginning. Then, Be uses his original art to create the graphic designs printed on each pillow. Which means, everything is anatomically correct and will please the most ardent angler with the most educated eye.

If you have any questions regarding our Pillow Party, please send us a message here. We’ll take every measure to cure your any concern! We promise, there are no hidden secrets or costs.

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Every pillow we sell is 100% American Made. As amazing as that is, you also have 30-days to return any pillows for a 100% guaranteed return on your investment! It’s perfectly perfect.