“The battle lines have been drawn between pure good and pure evil.

And they square off in a small island town in Virginia for their final war.”

The Anatomy of, “Drifter’s Island”

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“Drifter’s Island” is the perfect Christmas read! Most importantly, your copy is my Christmas gift to you. Simply download the file for your favorite e-reader, and please enjoy!

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As of now, there are no more hard copies available. However, one never knows.

Character Descriptions


“Drifter’s Island” is becoming fairly well-received for how authentic the characters are, from their descriptions to their dialogue. In this video, I delve into character details for the readers’ sake.

Some of What Readers Said

“Be deftly painted a moving story of dear friends, the sporting heritage, and small town values combined with a gripping depiction of espionage, government corruption and the moral fallout that follows. Drifter’s Island is the perfect novel for anyone who has been touched by the simple senses of friendship, romance, saltwater, marshes, fire and love.

I found myself ripping through the pages to read what happens next, all the while knowing that I would read the book again to understand all the hidden messages. It was masterfully written.

Please let Be Forbes take you on this journey, one that’s clearly a culmination and extension of his lifelong journey, art and passion.”

Phillip Lammonds

Song Writer - Performer

Drifter’s Island takes groundbreaking messages that our forefathers prophesized about and led me through the estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay with duck hunters Cornell Perry, his best friend Brad Coghill and mutual friend Brooke Harrison. Be Forbes masterfully illustrated how quick one mistake can spiral life out of control.

This novel helps one understand God’s plan for our civilization and the most basic question we all eventually face; how did we end up here? Find your purpose by fulfilling God’s basic tenants for a life well lived. In these pages you will find your true meaning and the significance of having a moral compass.

Enjoy the ride.”

Marie Tyler Wiley

Non-Denominational Minister

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