This is actually taking me far longer than I had imagined. In fact, I thought I’d be finished by now. That said, I can’t recall painting an original that didn’t move along far slow than expected. The act of painting will field-test any man’s resolve.

(By the way, this whole blogging thing really is sort of an efficient way to get thoughts outside the mind and down on “paper.” However, sometimes, it feels more likely than not an exercise in talking to me.)

I digress. The water in this painting has a LONG way to go. And, it needs to get artsy pretty damned fast, or I will pull the plug. When I paint water, always, I use the same technique I would if I was painting a five-sided pyramid. I put the audience where they can see three sides … one side facing the sun, the second side in complete shadow and the third side is the transition side that melds the other two … or what I call “the wrap.” When the three sides come together they create the illusion of a moving sea. Most artists paint water using a three-sided pyramid where the audience sees two sides. I think it diminishes depth, so five sides for me, thank you very much.

I’ve never painted flat water. Right now it looks boring. I already know this! And so naturally I’m fighting the temptation to make this painting “wavy-ish.” I still may, if this doesn’t get interesting really damned fast. The real challenge I’ve found in painting flat water is regarding its proper perspective—meaning the brushstrokes must be larger towards the front of the painting and properly diminish in size as the water falls away. It not properly executed, it gets confusing to the eye quickly.

The only way to make this flat water work … is to paint the sky onto the surface of the water. Between that light source, the sun itself, with the silhouette of man, boat, dog, and the engine with its wake … all knifing through the direct light sources from the sea and sunrise … it could get really cool. It could become a piece of eye-candy. Maybe even badass. Yet, maybe not. We’ll have to see.

Not to worry! As I’ve said before … I have a professional-grade “dog and pony show” going on over here.