Engineered and sculpted to age perfectly.

My job as an artist is three-fold. First is to create fine art that authentic hunters and anglers find each of my pieces inside their their memory banks. Second is to meld my art art onto apparel in a perfectly dignified way. Third is to find amazing products I would wear. Because, I’ve never dressed like every Tom, Dick, and Lucy in the outdoors.

Sculpted to age perfectly.
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David Shourds

I just received my new hats and wow, blown away! The look and the way they feel is second to none. I was even impressed with the packaging and delivery! For those who like quality take a moment to visit Be’s site and order you one! That is if you want to be AUTHENTIC too!


be AUTHENTIC™ Ball Caps


be AUTHENTIC™ Ball Caps are the perfect beginning when style and quality matters. My Ball Caps are extremely nice and my patches meld perfectly! If you want “that hat” … this is the product you need. And, we guarantee it. All you have to do is pick your favorite patch!


The Clean Trucker

be AUTHENTIC™ “Clean Trucker” is silky-cool with a light weight. The colors are crisp and amazing! If you crave the ultimate low-profile trucker hat that is lightweight, together with the perfect patch to meet your lifestyle standards, stop looking.

You’re gonna LOVE this hat, and we absolutely guarantee it.


The Unstressed Distressed

The “Unstressed Distressed” by be AUTHENTIC™ is the perfect hat when you want to show you hold onto things that are dear to you. This vintage looking cap is perfect for the duck blind, the pit of the sport fish rig, or the occasional run to the local honky-tonk for a few appetizers and drinks with your friends.


The Distressed Two Tones

The “Unstressed Distressed” by, be AUTHENTIC™ is the perfect hat when you want to show you hold onto things that are dear to you. This vintage looking cap is perfect for the duck blind, the pit of the sport fish rig, or the occasional run to the pub for appetizers and drinks with your friends.


Why my patches and what are they?
All be AUTHENTIC™ Patches are 3″ tall.
be AUTHENTIC™ Apparel features my sketches of sport fish and waterfowl. They’re not from a designer who’s never hunted or fished. be AUTHENTIC™ patches pulse out your message with dignity and class, in the absence of having to scream it using bad art slathered all over perfectly good garments. That’s been done to death. My patches promotes a garment to feature its colors, softness, styles, and great blends of cotton with dignity and class because my patches frame my art. That means my art and the garment’s color never clash. So ultimately, what be AUTHENTIC™ Apparel highlights … is you.
be AUTHENTIC™ Patches faithfully executes my art charcoal and ink sketches on 100% heavy duck cloth. Twice-washed and dried to minimize any shrinking, patches are then printed by Hatteras Silkscreen using over 30-years of experience to reproduce my every line. Then, my patches are bonded to all garments using a product and method that took over a year of research and development to perfect. This means needles never degrade the integrity of your garment, and your patches will never come off. We guarantee you’ll love all our garments without any questions asked.
Perfectly Simple!
All my pricing in totally inclusive. There are no hidden fees. Each order is hand-processed. Shipping is Second Day Express by USPS. Orders will arrive within 6-business days.
Building your apparel!
Your be AUTHENTIC™ shopping experience is completely unique and innovative with thousands of combinations of garments between styles, brands, colors, different species on patches that you place in different locations on your garment.


This process offers you the freedom to authentically custom build your own clothing with thousands of combinations. Custom photographs of each completed garment requires thousands of photographs. However, when you add your custom garment to our cart, you’ll read read your custom specifics. Thank you for understanding our process!

Garment Care Instructions:

Turn your garment inside out and wash as normal. Slight curling of our patches should be expected for our authentic look. To return our patches to their “like new” condition, simply iron inside out for 5 seconds at high-heat.