I was going to start today by typing something groovy-ish about how I was supposed to start this blog yesterday but didn’t. The simple fact is, I’m late. My natural inclination should be to use the claim by all the great procrastinators, “Better late than never.” Instead, I’ll say what all good people of the world say and simply state, “I’m very sorry. Now, let’s do this thing!”

I’m quite sure some great discoverer/conquer launched his ships a day-or-two late. Maybe one of the Vikings? I dunno. It’s hard to bullshit when Google’s around.

Just building this canvas morphed from a one-day chore into a five-day event. The 6-foot wide by 4-foot tall canvas … itself … is a piece of furniture. I gallery wrapped the canvas on 1-by-4 boards and painted the sides with my special mix of “dark something.” It’s a color I make myself! Mathematically, that’s 6.5 square feet of sides to paint!

And, a canvas that morphs into a piece of furniture hasn’t “really arrived” until it gets its own custom designed and constructed … brand new easel! And what does that brand new easel need most? Why … that’d be a custom paint job using a color that doesn’t distract my eye. (I chose Battleship Grey.) And, to complete this prize, I added a custom built and brand new set of 7.5 foot tall lighting out of inch-and-a-half PVC pipe. (At this point, I’ve painted my ass off and got nothing on the front side of the canvas!) All this while moving. It was like the winning prize on the “Price is Right.” I’m surprised, at some point, a set of “His and Her” jet skis didn’t pop out from behind a spinning wall.

So, I blocked in the sketch with acrylic paint and a .75 inch chisel brush. Remember, the dark paint (I used the leftover “dark something”).

The sketch may not make sense to you, but it does in my mind. Some of the paint represent dark areas, some represent the brightest highlights. We’ll sort it out over time, I promise.

When I painted, “Successful Return” … it was a 2-foot by 4-foot painting. And, I was all like, “That’s big.” Here’s a photo of “Successful Return” next to the new canvas and sketch. It makes “Successful Return” look like a bagged lunch in an empty boxcar.