I can’t believe I’ve painted all these years and never considered my palette. That’s odd, huh? Never crossed my mind to reconsider cutting out a palette from a half-inch foam core, taping the sides, and using it until it had too much paint clumped on it. Throw it away, and repeat.

I just crafted the most awesome palette ever. It’s a 24″ x 30″ piece of glass taped on plywood after painting it battleship grey because a far truer color stands out when blending. I used the leftover paint I used on my easel. This thing is truly badass. Eight seconds with a razor blade and I’ve “hit the reset button.” Done! I anchored it to a light wicker table with shelves and that’s on wheels. Rolling it around with one finger is simple and always perfectly situated. Plus, I’m not standing around for hours holding my paints.

Now, I can work with total freedom as you can see. (Notice the painting on my phone for reference? Yeah, that’s my painting. I’ve always said, “When all else fails, copy Be Forbes.”

I am loving this oil paint and would recommend this brand to any artist. (https://genevafineart.com) The work is slower, but I’m painting straight out of the tube and, I think, going to eliminate some steps over painting–saving time. I’ve never done that before. Ever. However, I plan to add all the colors as I always have with jells and my old paint. In the meantime, the blending is amazing (especially on the glass palette) and I love the NON-POISONOUS-INJUREOUS-BATSHIT crazy smell. After all these years, my studio smells like I’m visiting a wellness center and I’m not getting high all day. So there’s that.

Finally, I am NOT getting paid from Geneva. That said if a brother wants to forward some more paint … “I’ll love him long time.”