Endless colors. Millons of options. We support your talents so you can soar!

The single most amazing shopping experience on the Internet.

The first hour is absolutely free!
Online Pillow Designer is with you during every moment of your design session. We build your pillows together, online. So, nothing can go wrong.
You have nothing to learn. There’s no learning curve or a button to click. Starting with your colors, you instruct us what to do. We do it for you.
The final pillow will look exactly as the photograph you receive during the conclusion of your design session. And we mean exactly.
You have permission to access one sketch at no additional charge from the entire library at Be Forbes Collection. That’s right, all Be’s art is included.

Don't look at colors. Look for colors.

Photos you love offer a magic palette.

Email us a couple of photos that include colors you love and email them to us. Together, well find the perfect color combination for your pillows … during your Design Session.

Any size, any kind, one place. It’s an all-in-one shopping experience!
The old way of purchasing throw pillows is dead. Our new Online Pillow Designer gives you all the power and creativity.

Why walk through endless stores finding a pillow you like, but the colors are off? Or, you love the color but the print is not what you need? Or, worse yet, the size is too small or large?

Those days are a thing of the past.

Liquid Builder allows you to choose any color in the world to fill in your background pillow color, to perfection.

Our Liquid Builder is smooth and fluid. Also, choose from our library of fine art sketches, each drawn by Be Forbes. Each sketch is a rendition of fine art. Remember, our art selections are ever-growing.

You'll never shop for a finished pillow again.