“Off Work.”


“Off Work”

This Giclee reproduction is 40 inches tall by 20 inches wide. And, this image is printed on canvas,

There’s nothing in this world that proves Intelligent Design more than the relationship between a human and their dog. It’s like dogs were designed to take care of us, and not the other way around.

The dog in this painting was mine. Her name was Brooke. She served 14-years on this earth just to take care of me—retrieving ducks, waiting on me, fetching stuff, hunting with me and she never begged once piece of food, ever.

Here’s a great “for instance.” I was once horribly ill and weak. I couldn’t get out of bed. I spent 2-days alone sleeping my 104-degree temperature off. I lost all sense of time. Brooke sat by my side the entire time.

When I did stir I remember seeing her staring at me. She could tell I was scared. I could tell she was as well. She never went outside to go to the bathroom … for two entire days. And, she used the bathroom inside either. She just waited. Now, that’s loyalty.

Labs are the only dogs I’ve ever had. Black ones. They prove that they were Intelligently Designed. It’s like dogs were put on this earth by God serve vast and varied tasks for us, and for solid reasons—they improve our health, give us companionship, a best friend, and so much more.

Only a loving God who really cared for us deeply would engineer a dog.

And, boy did God hit a homerun!

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"Off Work"

  • This Print is 20-inches wide by 40-inches tall.
  • The print is signed by Be Forbes in his studio exactly as the original was.
  • This print is will arrive perfectly printed on canvas and stretched as a Gallery Wrap, and ready to hang on your wall!
  • This print is a faithful executed reproduction of a Be Forbes original.
  • A Giclee Printing machine was used to print this reproduction on canvas.

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