Well, I’ve finally finished my first painting in a very long time. (I got a bad case of the “Artist Interruptus” from a stroke.) And, not only did I finish, I signed the painting, I don’t remember ever enjoying my addition of the “TG” nearly near as much.

I started recalling the details of my journey. I’m sorry, of OUR journey. I remembered going to the art store for the supplies I needed, gifted to me by two dear friends. I remembered selecting the wood and priming it to start the painting. I remember blocking in the sky, and how proud I was at that point. I remembered the one day when all the dogs visited my studio. I remembered the Gecko hanging out and staring down at my brush hand, my brush, and the paint loaded on it. I remembered the Gecko’s occasional glance into my eyes with seeming approval. I remember my Christmas present that was, of its own, the ability to paint on Chrismas Eve. And, I remembered the part of this painting that I loved the most, the mystery of it all.

To be perfectly transparent, when I remembered all of this, I got kinda choked up. I got on one knee and thanked God for re-blessing me. He certainly had no obligation to do so. And, when I stood, I recalled a painting I had seen throughout my school years and life in Virginia Beach. It was of Reverend Robert Hunt giving his prayerful thanks with other English settlers at Cape Henry, Virginia in April 1607. And, I was all like, “Pfffffffft, for your journey, all you did was go for a boat ride. And, you did that to yourself. But, I digress.

There are a few things on which I’m perfectly settled. I can do this again! I know it now. It’s “inside” me. The next, I don’t “do” the painting part. I just hold the brush and move it around some. God does the painting. I see my art and problem-solving completely different than before. Last, and since it’s all apart of the deal that I beg for in prayer each time before “doing battle” with the blank or starving canvas, let me share what I’m obligated to tell you. My job is to simply illustrate His inventions, for His honor and not mine. God created this incredible world, and that world fits inside itself perfectly. That said, think about the gravity of the next thing I write. Nothing in water, on earth, or airborne works independently. Every cell on our planet is interrelated. Think about that.

I know some will be turned off by what I’m writing. Some may even think I’m crazy. But, I don’t care. When they do, I feel horrible for them. My relationship with Him is incredible. I couldn’t imagine going at life all alone.

So, all of this stuff, if you will, all of my experiences that added to the experience, and all the time it took me before reaching a conclusion … gave me the perfect title, “The Successful Return.” I like it. Oh, and again, TG.