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Once, years ago, I was sitting in my studio staring at a blank canvas. I had a showing at the Miami Boat Show in a month. I had all kinds of pressure on me. My girlfriend (at the time) walked into the studio and said, “You’d better get to painting that. You have a show coming up.” I replied, “I’m painting it like crazy right now. The marinading stage is damned important.” Hold that thought, I’ll return to it.

A dear friend of mine was wonderful enough to forward a canvas to me. The canvas is 5-feet tall, by 15-feet-ish wide. She used to be an artist. Well, as I write that, I realize she still is. What is far more accurate is to state she used to paint and mostly in oils. She still has all her old supplies, some dating back to the early ’80’s. And, since oil paint and brushes only get better with time, she packed up some of her supplies and shipped them to me, a little at a time. I’m honored by her generosity.

That also means she’s applying a dose of responsibility, albeit healthy. I feel obligated, compelled, incentivized, and looking forward to using her gifts to build a painting that’s extraordinary. But, I’m quite sure my friend knows this. It’s her loving way to nudge me forward. She’s a mother now, I’m quite sure she knows how to apply a little guilt.

So, I’m going to paint a 4-foot tall, by a 6-foot wide painting of a blue marlin eyeing a hooked tuna … to beat the living hell out of it next to the surface. The tuna is going to be hooked on a red “plunger” with an acrylic head that’s translucent.

So, back to the time when I was in the studio marinading. Some things haven’t changed a bit. I’m marinading right now. Like, I’m marinading the title of the painting. I’m thinking, “Natural Progression.”

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