So, I sketched out and started to block in my first painting in an AWFULLY long time. It just occurred to me that I never painted during the Obama administration, for whatever that means. I know there’s not much to see now, but I promise more when interesting stuff happens.

This is a 24-inch by 48-inch board (remember the Mona Lisa was painted on wood. And, if it’s good enough for Leonardo da Vinci (or, Lenny-Baby as he’s known around my studio) then board is good enough for me! I’m blocking out the underpainting with acrylics and will move to oil paints after it’s blocked in.

This painting is going to have a shocking amount of light coming from a sunrise peeking out underneath a very heavy cloud cover. The light will be interrupted by the man and dog because the most elegant part any good painting is putting the darkest part directly next to the lightest. Contrast is pure elegance. Don’t believe me? Just ask Winslow Homer.

I am really excited about getting started! I forgot how fun this is. So I and Jesus are fixin’ to go to the easel now … and get some more painting done. Meanwhile, I’ll be figuring out what to title this painting.