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Waterfowl Art

The perfect balance between the hunter and the artist.

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Our “Gallery Wrap Giclees” are printed on canvas. Each print features 1.5-inch stretcher bars. The sides are printed solid black. Each is stapled on the back to ensure the Giclee’s construction is fully discrete.

Immediately, your art is perfect for display.

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Be Forbes Coffee Watercolor Giclees are all printed on canvas, much original.

Each Giclee features a signature just as Be signs his originals. These prints are immediately ready to hang on your wall, or a visit to your favorite frame store!

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This amazing print is 10-inches tall by 40-inches wide.

This painting wound up in the collection of someone rather famous. I’m kind of proud of that fact. It makes me feel satisfied.

Personally, I like this painting’s classic sense. The boat is made of juniper; the decoys are old-style wood, the motor is an antique, and this painting is just so old-school to me. That’s back when a man could get soaking wet running a boat.

All of this reminds me of my youth. In those days—I was so excited about the upcoming hunt that I couldn’t sleep the night before.

I’m kind of happy with this painting. It makes me feel all “throwback.”  

This print is on canvas and is not availabe on paper. 


This Giclee Print on canvas is 40-inches tall by 20 inches wide.  

This image depicts the relationship between a hunting dog and his hunting buddy while walking along the beach while in the snow

There’s nothing in this world that proves Intelligent Design more than the relationship between a human and their dog. It’s like dogs were designed to take care of us, and not the other way around.

The dog in this painting was my dog and the hunter was me. Her name was Brooke. She served 14-years on this earth just to take care of me—retrieving ducks and geese, waiting on me, fetching stuff, hunting with me and she never begged once for a piece of food. Never. 

Here’s a great “for instance.” I was once horribly ill and weak. I couldn’t get out of bed. I spent 2-days alone sleeping my 104-degree temperature off. I lost all sense of time. Brooke sat by my side the entire time. 

When I did stir I remember seeing her staring at me. She could tell I was scared. I could tell she was as well. She never went outside to go to the bathroom … for two entire days. And, she used the bathroom inside either. She just waited. Now, that’s loyalty. 

Labs are the only dogs I’ve ever had. Black ones. They prove that they were Intelligently Designed. It’s like dogs were put on this earth by God serve vast and varied tasks for us, and for solid reasons—they improve our health, give us companionship, a best friend, and so much more. 

Only a loving God who really cared for us deeply would engineer a dog. 

And, boy did God hit a home run! 

This print is on canvas and not available on paper. 


This image is 20 inches tall by 40 inches wide.

Here is my old hunting buddy, Buster Langford. A limited few choice times, Buster also doubled as a retriever.

If I’m honest, he had two ducks in his left hand and a piece of chicken in his right hand. I never understood why he felt the need to carry his chicken out with him to pick up the gadwalls.

It was just one of the things artists have to “fix in the sketch process.” It’s okay though, it was just one of those things that made Buster a more interesting fellow.

That was the first time I ever saw ducks landing downwind, over our decoys, all day long. I am kidding about landing downwind. I wrote that for effect.

This print is on canvas and is not available on paper. 


This Canvas Giclee print is 20- inches wide by 40-inches tall. 

This painting was my way of protesting limits placed on geese by lawmakers.

Now, I know they have their reasons, but gosh damn it, there are geese everywhere nowadays. Geese are on golf courses, drainage ponds at the Walmarts, walking across highways clogging traffic—geese are everywhere!

If you look very close in the marsh grass behind the hunter, you’ll find a limit of geese shoved in the marsh grass.

The year I painted this, all I had to do was hunt geese for 15 minutes and then do nothing the rest of the day—that excludes, of course, watching geese coming to my decoys all day.

So, when is enough’s enough?

This print is a Gallery-Wrap Giclee. Not available on paper. 


“Regardless of how incredible your painting skills are, you can’t make a great painting out of a bad concept.”


“Regardless of how incredible your painting skills are, you can’t make a great painting out of a bad concept.”

“Successful Return”

This image is 20-inches tall by 40-inches wide.

This was the first waterfowl painting I did after I had recovered from my stroke. This painting was of me running my boat past my old hunting area. Just me and my dog,  and a few ducks and geese we collected that day.

At this stage, I felt a real need to challenge myself artistically.

Most importantly, I wanted to tell this story about my dog, and for my dog!

Because nearly every hunter, with a dog, has a story they need to tell about their dog. I hope this help them tell a part of their story.

This print is a Gallery-Wrap Giclee and is not available on paper. 


This Geclee Canvas Wrap Print is 40 inches wide by 20 inches tall. And, it is an oil acrylic painted on a masonite board.

This is one of the few paintings I did of myself. Four of us went down to Louisiana and hunted ducks with some Cajuns. The parish we hunted in Louisiana shot more ducks the previous year than the entire Atlantic Flyway combined.

On the drive from the airport to our hunt club, I think I saw more ducks than in one rice field than I had ever seen in my entire life. And, I mean that.

I started to tell a joke the first morning we were hunting. We hunted for five days. I never got to finish a joke. We were that busy.

Then, the Cajuns flew up to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to hunt Canada geese with us. It was illegal to shoot Canada geese in Louisiana. They just simply couldn’t believe it we had Canada geese. They were literally in awe of that fact.

This print is on canvas as a Gallery-Wrap Giclee. Not available on paper. 

” Chasing a Wounded Bird”

This Giclee Canvas Wrap Print is 40 inches wide by 20 inches tall.

And, it is an oil acrylic painted on a masonite board.

Nothing makes me more incensed than an unwittintly bad shot at a duck that was far out of range to begin with. Especially when wounding the bird. It forces all of us into the big water to find it.

It always seems to come from the guest’s gun.

Without saying a word, I’d focus on making that hunter suffer, intentionally hitting every wave perfectly just right so they’d get sprayed, or soaking wet.

And, let’s be honest, everyone misses shots. It happens. I get it. It’s a part of the game. But, then taking an ill-advised shot that has nothing but the potential to mortally wound a duck, at best, would send electricity through my body.

I’ll promise this much—nobody did it twice. Because if happened once, they’d never get invited to go with me again. There, I believe I’ve said enough.

This print is a Gallery-Wrap Giclee on canvas. It is not available on paper. 

Chasing a Crippled Bird

“It’s an ugly thing to watch an artist try to explain the value of their painting. They never win the debate.”



“It’s an ugly thing to watch an artist try to explain the value of their painting. They never win the debate.”


This imaged is 20-inches tall by 40-inches wide on canvas.

This painting has always been one of my favorite paintings.

This Giclee wrapped print is amazing with outstanding colors and details.

Most importantly, the white paint used before shipping pops the whites that shows across the room.

This print is a Gallery-Wrap Giclee. Not available on paper. 



This original is 40-wide and 30-inches tall and printed on canvas.

I did this painting on video because of a potential endorsement. You know, if I used their brand of coffee to paint it may have value. So, they set up a video shoot at Orton Plantation in Wilmington, North Carolina. The whole time we were shooting the video, tourists kept coming over to stare at me and ask for my autograph. (Just wait for it.)

One of the production staffers said she was surprised I was so famous. Again, wait for it. I just shrugged my shoulders and told her, ”You never know about these things.”

Look, I didn’t know why these tourists were hounding me for my autograph and gawking, but if this production team was going to meet with the coffee company, I wasn’t about to find logic in all of this. Remember, I’m trying to get an endorsement.

So, when we finished filming and on our way out, quite to our surprise, an entire movie company had moved in just around the corner. It was massive—18 wheeled trucks, generators, tons of cars and trucks and plenty of lighting. It looked like a county fair.

The production assistant spun around in her seat and said, “Oh, the tourists must have thought we were shooting a scene for the movie.”

I felt busted.

This print is on canvas and not available on paper.