Your Dog's Portrait

Dog portraits painted in the most elegant medium, Coffee Watercolor!

Your Dog's Portrait

Dog portraits painted in the most elegant medium, Coffee Watercolor! 

So, here’s my belief on why God Intellectually Designed dogs in His image.

God engineered dogs with no equal on earth; completely loyal to their master, an animal where you can pour in ALL of your love, especially when feeling completely alone and secluded. He’d built an animal that experiences no existence between when you hurt them the most and when they offer your full forgiveness.

Dogs spill out love every time you enter their room. Dogs mourn each and every time you leave their room. And, dogs love you so deeply, they find it impossible to want to change mere thing about you. In fact, a dog’s work hard to earn your every trust and every emotion. It’s true love, incarnate.
Finally, God did something SO lovingly and compassionate it’s often beyond human comprehension. He limited their existence to a scant few years. God knew if He allowed dogs to live any longer … they would create such a crater in our emotions and in our lives, we’d likely never recover from their loss.

Just as we’d come to the end of any fresh ideas, a little girl walked up to us and asked, “Have you guys considered trying this?” She told us and the conversation ended. The two of us laughed like crazy because what she was suggested was perfectly correct. It was the solution we were looking for.

The story of exactly how and why I decided to invent painting Coffee Watercolors.

When I was a child, I grew up in Colonial Williamsburg. So, we kids were surrounded by old documents. I wanted to try my hand at replicating these old documents. We kids would soak coffee on paper and baked them dry them in the oven. They replicated old Revolutionary War documents. Once they dried, they were fairly convincing. The worst part? They smelled like coffee. There are worse things.
So, many years later, I knew using coffee with watercolor paint would make a painting vastly more interesting. Wow, was I right! However, I couldn’t find other artists using this medium. But, hey, we had computers and search engines, how hard could it be? I could find no one. So, I did what anyone would, I called the National Gallery of Fine Arts, in Washington, DC. Certainly, they’d know.
The National Gallery seemed intrigued. However, they informed me that “art” had to remain “stable” over an existence of more than 500 years. And, I needed to prove that to the Gallery it was stable. So, I did what anyone artist would, I called all the coffee companies to talk to their chemists. They seemed hopeless. They informed that removing acid from coffee would a very valuable trick.
Finally, I decided to return to where it all started. Call the archivists from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. They informed me it was routine to work with coffee stains from the seventeen hundreds. They were entirely stable. I was finally on to something except for the acid. I was talking to a  and friend about this. At the moment he informed me he had no idea what to do.

Just as we realized we were our of any ideas, a little school child walked up to ask us, “Have you men considered trying this …?”

The two of us laughed hysterically … because that little girl was perfectly correct.

I look at this finished painting and I can sense Tracy-Trace is back with me. It’s both awesome and sad at the same time. Be told me at the beginning, “I promise two things. You’ll get a painting of your dog. And, you’ll get art. Each separately.”

I think it’s both, at the same time.

Ellen Creech Douglas

Insurance Adjuster, Eagle Adjusting Services, Inc.




I only paint watercolors on Arches Be Forbes

Since 1492, Arches began with cotton. They chose natural cotton fibers that supply Arches with its elegance and strength. There is no question, Arches is the premier watercolor on earth. Painting on Arches paper, to an artist, is like driving the finest race car to a performance driver.

The finest world-renown chefs in the world will only cook on the best cookware. The supplies they use create the finest tastes of whatever he/she are preparing. As subtle the difference as may be, the aggregate difference is overwhelming to the senses. Painting on Arches Paper is no different.

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